Sunday, March 2, 2008

the cracks your feet make in the sidewalk and the dents your fists leave inside music

walking downhill away from kissing you was what fire would look like if it learned how to smile.  i've been watching people and how tender they can be to each other and i've been walking through neighborhoods and wondering how it all can get so still.  i find myself really missing the moon these days.  and i am wanting to see the sun set, but i keep forgetting that days are ending and by the time i realize they are, they are over.  so.  turn my blood to chalk, so i can draw you pictures on the sidewalk.  teach me jokes so i can mess them up and become embarrassed.  and i don't care if my socks match, ever.  cause i'm starting to remember.  its the simple things that i need.  your hands feel good in mine.  and you taste like the chapstick you used to eat.  and this sounds more intense than it is.  i guess i'm just trying to describe a feeling.  and that's just not something i can ever do.  

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