Saturday, March 1, 2008

business as usual

as i walked out of the gym at one in the morning on a friday night, after running in place on a machine for a few miles, which is something i do sometimes, i saw a carton of milk launch from the window of a speeding sport utility vehicle, miss the stumbling drunken teenagers it was aimed at, and explode on the sidewalk behind them.  they looked confused and drunk and slightly afraid.  then, down the block, a man was standing in the middle of the street with an overturned bicycle, which he repeatedly picked up and smashed on the ground, over and over again, screaming "this tire is a piece of shit!  this tire is a piece of shit!" (i suppose he was screaming it to me since there was no one else around.)  when i got home the palm trees were silhouetted against the clouds.  my first thought: "who does that?"  my second thought: "life is weird."

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