Wednesday, June 22, 2011

dragging the lake

darling put on your garbage dress
and take me to the fair.
i wish to lay awhile beneath your downpour.

or let me say please
with my paper and my tongue
and spin you through the aching marmalade lights
until we hate music.
we can kiss psychotic on the ferris wheel
and get sky-drunk inside the high-up nighttime summer heat
where i can taste your promises.

with your naked back
pressed against the warm tar of the road
and the double yellow lines
running in an endless scrawl beneath us
i will drive you home
to the best near death experience of your life.

we will end up at the lake
clothes orphaned of use on the shore
laughter decorating the landscape
bodies passing through the cool silk.

just two creatures
come to purpose at last.

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Anonymous said...

shimmy, this is rowan from SI. stumbled on your blog via shana's facebook. i'm so, so glad you're writing and sharing your big bright shimmyheart with the world. i've been writing lots too -- blogging and novelwriting.
anyways, here's hoping you're really, really well.