Thursday, February 3, 2011

even torn sails still billow

the way we go thieving is a murder of death. all any single one can be expected to do is survive, and there is no failure in doing so except to not.

the lack of free will is a liberation. if i do not choose my actions, then i am not to blame for them. i need only follow my nature. to be led to salvation or doom. but shrug off all notions of imprisonment. we refute not belonging to ourselves.

it is clear that the rules of this place are not just. otherwise explain the death of the good, justify misery in the face of bounty, happiness at the center of sorrow. the choice not to see the whole is just that, a choice. the fact of embracing one's own powerlessness is not a giving in or a giving up, on the contrary it betrays the presence of those willing to look life in the face. these are the true saints.

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