Monday, March 10, 2008

a memory

i remember eating peach pie on the patio of a highway cafe, and watching the rain fall on a roadside farm with my old true love, while she drank de-caffinated tea and told me about Russia and her fiancĂ©,  and we tried to pretend we hadn't turned each other's worlds upside down.  i remember feeling vaguely sick, and thinking i had eaten too much pie.  i told her i had never seen a cornfield, and she, being her same old enthusiastic self took me to her favorite one and ran off in the corn.  when i caught her, and grabbed her, it was the first time we had really touched in years, and i should have kissed her, but didn't.  instead we walked back to the car, dragging the way we felt behind us like the bodies of heavy kitchen appliances, not realizing how big the sky was above us.  in retrospect, it wasn't the pie that made my stomach hurt.

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