Friday, February 15, 2008

a drunk valentine

we are made twins by disaster.  after a certain point we all become family.  and then we are in each other's back yards, eating pears the size of your head and sharing opinions on barbeque.  the cities are made of shops where nothing real ever happens.  we mill about, buying, talking on our cell phones, hoping, praying, something might just be different for once, hoping that this isn't it.  but every time i look in someone's eyes, i find it.  it is all right there, and there is no longer any pretending.  you are here.  and i am here.  and i know you feel pain the same way i do, even if it isn't the same pain.  and i know you laugh.  so let's remind ourselves not to forget.  let's set a timer, and if March doesn't become the orchard we thought it would, let's catch a boat to the islands, learn a new language, and promise, that no matter what, this time we are going to live.

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