Saturday, February 23, 2008

blame needs a triceratops to hold it

swing below the clouds with a refrigerator for a fist and blank canvas the migraine of the modern conscience with the weight of the stop and listen.  you are what the world needs.  it is a simple song if only you can hear it.  you could learn to sing it if only you had the patience.  i know you don't give a fuck about me, but i am part of your history mother fucker, and you are part of mine.  you and me are family.  we have to care.  and that is the fact of this predicament we are all stuck in, boots glued down to the muck quick sand tight and startle-faced silenced.  i am bleeding through my teeth for you.  my kindness shows through my anger.  i want to love you, if only you will let me.  we are beastly creatures, this human race.  fighting all the way through this brutal life, but there is beauty here.  i promise you, the ugliness is worth it, for the moments that catch in your chest, that drape themselves over your shoulders, for the people who stop your heart like a bullet, hold your knees like gospel, breathe now, there is time, we can solve this all, there is a way, i don't know what it is, but it exists, i promise, i swear, i believe in us, and what we can do, there is a way, i know it.

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